• Dr A Bashir

01 Funny Faces

And we're live!

In the first episode of Her Royal Science, I wanted to give our listeners a little glimpse into who I am and why I thought this podcast was necessary.

From concept to creation, the entire experience has been daunting - daunting to think about my life story, and the stories of others, being available for public consumption, and even more daunting to hear my laugh recorded. But it was also very exciting. I was able to revisit some of the pivotal moments that made me who I am, including some (slightly embarrassing) moments from my childhood. One of the aspects that made this particular episode so special was the person who ended up interviewing me: my partner, and the editor of Her Royal Science. He has been an irreplaceable element of this podcast coming to fruition. He was and continues to be just as excited as I am about every step forward for Her Royal Science, and about every other aspect of my life. I'm lucky to have him as part of my squad.

I hope this episode encourages you to surround yourself with people who let you dream, and support you when you are in pursuit of those dreams. And most importantly, find someone who makes funny faces at you.

Peace and blessings,