• Dr A Bashir

04 A Series of Fortunate Events

I've never laughed more while recording an episode.

What was supposed to be an hour-long conversation ended up being 3-4 hours long! Initially, I thought the length of the episode would make the editing process a tiring event, but listening to the session for the first time made me truly admire the infectiously joyous spirit that our guest, Dr Travis Hodges, possesses. Travis was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba then moved to St. Catharines, Ontario for graduate school, before settling down in Vancouver, British Columbia for his post-doctoral fellowship. When Travis first showed up at the University of British Columbia (UBC), I was drawn to Travis for a two very superficial reasons: 1) he, like me, is a Black neuroscientist (an incredibly rare occurrence at UBC) and 2) his smile is beautiful, warm, and ever-present.

Upon speaking to him in depth, he frequently mentioned how stellar his academic mentors were and continue to be, and how their work inspired him to pursue his own research interests. I then realised it was time to make an episode about mentorship, highlighting how much a great mentor can change one's life. Travis' story takes an interesting turn after deciding to enroll in a riveting course during his undergrad at the University of Manitoba. That course was 'Ethology' and it introduced him to a brand new world, a world that altered the trajectory of his life.

Visit https://www.herroyalscience.com/podcast/episode/c40a428d/04-a-series-of-fortunate-events for the rest of his remarkable story.

I genuinely hope you find yourself smiling along as you listen to this episode. I know I did.

Peace and blessings,