• Dr A Bashir

07 The Kaida Path: Part I

Pardon the delay in releasing our latest episode - my partner and I have been in the midst of moving country for the last few weeks! It's been an exciting time of local exploration and a ridiculous number of property viewings, as we transplant our lives from Canada to Scotland.

The last Her Royal Science interview that we recorded in Canada features Dr Angela Kaida, an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair at Simon Fraser University. She's a remarkable talent, and a conscientious researcher whose work focuses on the relationship between HIV/AIDS and sexual/reproductive health. We connected serendipitously - I reached out over email after learning about her on Twitter, and thereafter spoke to her over the phone for about an hour, positively tickled by our shared experiences. We very quickly settled on a podcast topic: her path to associate professorship. In a special two-part series, Part I details Dr Kaida's academic and professional journey to present day, where we also discuss her current research interests. Part II, to be released in about four-week's time, will discuss her personal life in much more depth.

We decided to talk about her professional and personal journey in depth for one reason in particular: academia is often plagued by orthodoxy. My experience thus far has been that the academic community tends celebrate the most typical or traditional paths (whatever that means in your respective field), but I've often had concerns about suggesting that there is only one way to come into and exist in academia. We therefore wanted to detail Dr Kaida's path for E07 and E08, so that our listeners know that every path, including their own, is valid and worth celebration.

Listen to 'The Kaida Path: Part I', here: https://www.herroyalscience.com/podcast

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