• Dr A Bashir

08 The Kaida Path: Part II

In this month’s episode, we continue our conversation with Dr Angela Kaida, an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair at Simon Fraser University. Here, we chat about her life outside of work, starting our discussion with the notion of balance.

Even though I am only two weeks into my position as a postdoctoral fellow at the UK Dementia Research Institute, I have also started to deeply ponder the concept of balance. As a PhD student, there were bits of my life that I actively neglected in the hopes that I would appear more dedicated to my work. For example, I don’t feel I explored the city of Vancouver as much as I would have liked. In the two months between finishing off at the University of British Columbia and my present work at the University of Edinburgh, I’ve begun to set healthier boundaries between my life within and outside of work. Up until this point, I have purposely neglected to add my work email to my phone. Unless completely necessary, I leave the lab no later than 5 pm. I'm sure accommodations will need to be made in the future for some long experiments, but as of right now, I’m enjoying leaving work at work, which is a feeling I never quite experienced in Vancouver.

As I continue to settle in, Her Royal Science will be on hiatus for a few months. In the meantime, we will be organising a series of local interviews, getting involved with the science communication community in Edinburgh (which, thus far, seems absolutely stellar!), and discovering our new city. It’s beautiful here, and I’d hate to leave in a few years not having appreciated everything it has to offer.

I hope you find balance in your life, at whatever stage you find yourself in presently. Listen to 'The Kaida Path: Part II', here: https://www.herroyalscience.com/podcast

Peace and blessings,