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09 New Beginnings

Welcome to the second season of Her Royal Science! We have some phenomenal guests lined-up to share their STEM stories with us. In just 24 hours, we'll be releasing our first interview of Season II, which features The Root of the Science podcast host Anne Chisa! In the meantime, check out our teaser for the year.

You'll find the audio version of this teaser on our website, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, and more.

The transcript of 'New Beginnings' has been prepared for accessibility purposes, with minor edits for clarity and brevity.

Dr Asma Bashir: Hello world, and welcome to Her Royal Science. Thank you so much for joining us for our second season.

I'm excited to jump back into podcasting! I'm looking forward to our meaningful conversations, as always with a focus on minoritised groups. That's Black in STEM, Indigenous in STEM, Disabled in STEM, LGBTQIA in STEM⁠—listen, if you've ever felt like an other, I want to hear from you and share with you.

The conversations we aim to have are meant to be introspective, and we need these conversations now more than ever. It's been a challenging year for many of us, myself included. We hope you've been keeping well, taking care of your mental and physical health and wellbeing. In the spirit of new beginnings, I'd like to hear from you, our listeners. What would you like from us? Whose story would you like to hear? And are you interested in possibly sharing yours? Email me at herroyalscience(at) DM me over Instagram or Twitter using the handle @her_science.

Let's chat⁠—you already know I love to hear your stories.

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