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Updated: Jun 9

We have exciting news! We at Her Royal Science have decided to expand our platform to include written media, through a brand-new blog series titled, “The Monologues”. The Monologues will be a venue for all to discuss important lessons acquired on our respective paths.

If you or anyone you know is interested in writing a piece for The Monologues, please reach out! Subject matter can include your experiences within or outside of academia, any challenges that you may have faced (or are currently facing) in pursuit of your goals, or even a note of thanks for a special person or experience that acted as the first domino along your path. If you have a number of ideas, we can work together to narrow down a topic, subsequently working on the editing process together. Ultimately, The Monologues are meant to be a safe space to write about and publish material on your personal experiences, in your own words.

Formatting guidelines:

Language: English (no preference for UK or US spelling). As we have a broad audience of readership, please refrain from profane language.

Style: Non-fiction, prose or poetry.

Word count: Maximum of 2,000 words.

Title: in the theme of life lessons, feel free to use the following title format: ‘What I Learned from ____________’.

Upon completion, send your draft to as a Word document. Please attach a photo of yourself if you would like it to be included for promotional purposes. Include a short autobiography in your email if your written submission does not do so.

Lastly, check out our first piece, written by yours truly:

We can't wait to read what you put together, and share your words with the world.

Peace and blessings,



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